Made in the USA!

Dry, Clean, and protect all in one!

Are you constantly mopping up after kids bath time?


Does your husband leave a mess from the leaky shower door?


Are you tired of using all your good clean towels just to save your bathroom floor?


If you answered yes to any of these, the GeeGee Sponge is for you!

so what is the geegee sponge?

Made of super absorbent foam and covered in spa quality terrycloth, it holds more water, dries faster and does away with the clutter of all those dirty towels.


With GeeGee Sponge fitting perfectly along your tub or shower it will protect your grout line and keep your floors looking beautiful for years to come.


So go ahead let 'em make a mess.

GeeGee will soak it up!

use the geegee sponge: • while bathing the kids • in your RV • during Plumbing Projects • in The Tub as a pillow • for Pet bath-time • outside shower doors • for drafty doors/windows • And many more!

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